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Magroc Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs)

Not often do new technologies have such a large potential to revolutionize the building industry. ‘MagRoc™ Structural Insulated Panel System (SIP’s) replace the normal timber stud, insulation and plasterboard construction with a structurally superior, better insulated, faster to erect, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly building system.

MagRoc™ SIP’s are a high  monolithic panel comprising of outer structural skins of 12mm MagRoc™ Board and an inner core of insulating material – most commonly EPS (expanded polystyrene). When this composite panel is laminated – under pressure and to very strict conditions – the materials act synergistically to form an extremely structural unit that is much stronger than the sum of its parts.

An Engineer would compare this composite with a steel universal I beam – the EPS being the web and the MagRoc™ being the flanges.
Panels are manufactured – in Australia – to standard sizes of 2.4/2.7/3.0m lengths by 1.2m width, although custom sizes can be manufactured to order and may include preformed door and window openings, roof pitch rakes and bevels and even power and outlets. The standard thickness of panels is 165mm and 215mm, although again, any thickness of either structural skin and/or EPS can be manufactured.
They are a cost effective alternative when compared to conventional building techniques, you gain much greater on going cost  once installed. The energy savings you gain from better quality insulation, which leads to a warmer, healthier and safer home environment. 

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