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MagClad is a revolutionary, lightweight, insulated building panel that can  be easily attached to either timber or steel house frames.

 MagClad is used as a cladding solution for those who are looking for  maximum in thermal efficiency, impact resistance and speed of  construction.

MagClad can be used in single or multi level construction, and is able to be  either fixed direct to the frame or over furring channel.

With ease of installation due to its lightweight nature, cladding a standard  courtyard home can be achieved within a few days.

Your site will be clean during installation, and can be texture  coated  after installation. It also can be installed with standard carpentry  tools. It's high impact resistance ensures that you are not needing to  be concerned about damaging the panel from day to day wear and tear it  may encounter.

Due to it's lighter attributes as compared with Brick or AAC panels, MagClad  reduces the weight that is placed on upper story framing, but gives you a  stronger surface unlike skim-cement coated foam panels.

We carry a wide of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our  most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more  information on products, promotions and custom options.

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