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Magtech Building Systems - Offering solutions for your project requirements

Magtech Building Systems provide discerning home owners and quality builders with a series of products that are eco friendly and compliment the long term requirements of owners with superior thermal and acoustic values.
Manufactured in South Australia using “Emox” eco friendly reinforced composite boards the five main products are:-

75mm R2 MAGDEK is excellent for all floors, in particular sloping sites suitable for both  domestic and commercial construction.
75mm R2 MAGDEK requires no additional insulation to meet the R2 standard whereas a  aerated concrete does – including additional cost to the builder/owner.
75mm R2 MAGDEK provides a superior thermal rating of 3 times that of aerated concrete plus  excellent acoustic properties.
75mm R2 MAGDEK provides a superior fixing base for carpet, tiles and timber floorboards, all  glued direct to MAGDEK eliminating the additional cost of a hardboard base.
MAGDEK is available in 100mm + thickness providing even greater thermal and acoustic  values.
Adelaide’s well known music venue “The Gov” has utilised the benefits of MAGDEK to  improve acoustics for both patrons and local residents.

2.MAGCLAD 75 R2.1
75mm R2.1 MAGCLAD fixed to wall frames provides a minimum thermal advantage of 3  times that of aerated concrete plus superior acoustics, render finish and fixing for  downpipes, lights, power points etc.
75mm R2.1 MAGCLAD is far superior to light weight foam panels which require  dozens/hundreds of bogged up fixing holes which over time develop a “measles” effects  showing through the render. Bird invasion problems such as nesting starlings and poor fixing  properties for fixing down pipes, light fittings etc.
LAMDEK 20 is the perfect product for wet areas in new construction and bathroom/kitchen  renovation.
LAMDEK 20 is ideal for floors and balconies and is especially useful for decks in bushfire prone  areas.
LAMDEK 20 is a far better floor than particleboard as it is not affected by water during  construction. Also, it does not require hardboard sheets, as tiles can be fixed direct to  LAMDEK  20.
Excellent acoustic properties eliminating a lot of road and neighbour noise and provides an  excellent base for both render and paint finish.
MAGFENCE is available in standard panels for easy erection and can also be manufactured to  any thickness requirements.
5.MAGSIP 165

MAGSIP R4.0 is a load bearing structural insulated panel system ideally suited to mainstream  construction. The panels have many advantages over conventional timber frame construction  including superior insulation and airtightness for comfort in all climates combined with  structural strength and speed of construction.
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